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YES and Jon Anderson

#238064 1 year, 8 months ago
How long is it going to take for Yes and its band members to get back together.
I think Jon Anderson needs to swallow his pride and pach things up with his bandmates.
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Re: YES and Jon Anderson

#238097 1 year, 8 months ago
DancingTurtle wrote:
How long is it going to take for Yes and its band members to get back together.
I think Jon Anderson needs to swallow his pride and pach things up with his bandmates.

it's my understanding that jon's 'retirement' was/is due to health issues...i was lucky enough to see the anderson/wakeman/howe/squire/white lineup in 2002 and it was incredible
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Re: YES and Jon Anderson

#238388 1 year, 8 months ago
I heard it was due to health issues as well though I've seen Jon twice since he came back and he seems fine to me.

I saw that reunion tour three times in '02 and '03. They were fantastic.
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Re: YES and Jon Anderson

#238460 1 year, 8 months ago
I'm going to see the latest Yes incarnation in Seattle on March 4th. Anyone seen them?

I saw Yes with Jon Anderson many many years ago......
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Re: YES and Jon Anderson

#246906 1 year, 7 months ago
Checking them out tonight. Looking forward to getting my prog-rock freak on.

Any thoughts on the current tour?

I've seen them close to a dozen times and have enjoyed them all.

Regarding Jon Anderson (from Wikipedia) -

After the 35th anniversary tour in September 2004, Yes were inactive for four years. The band were unable to continue touring because of Anderson's health issues who, unlike the other members, was not interested in producing a new studio album after the low sales of Magnification. He claimed that recording one was not "logical any more," and no announcement was made regarding a release of the new material.[63] A 40th anniversary Close to the Edge and Back tour was scheduled to begin in 2008 that was to feature Oliver Wakeman on keyboards, as his father was advised by his doctors not to tour. Anderson claimed that the band rehearsed four new "lengthy, multi-movement compositions" for the tour that was suddenly cancelled in May 2008 after he suffered an asthma attack and diagnosed with acute respiratory failure. Anderson said he "just needed a break, but the guys were upset about that."[64]

In 2008, Anderson was replaced with Canadian singer BenoƮt David of the progressive rock group Mystery and the Yes tribute band Close to the Edge. Anderson stated that he felt "disappointed" and "disrespected" by the decision to tour without him and by the lack of contact with the other members since his illness.

It was announced in August 2010 that new material had been written for the band's twentieth studio album Fly from Here, the first since 2001.[66][67] Howe dispelled rumours that Anderson was invited back to sing on the record, asserting that all studio recording was to be carried out by "the line-up that actually...does the work."

Anderson was openly critical of the record, describing it as "a bit dated" and its production not "as good as [he] expected", though he called Horn a "great producer."

In February 2012, after contracting a respiratory illness, David was replaced by Glass Hammer vocalist Jon Davison who was discovered while fronting a Yes influenced progressive rock band.[73] Squire has stated that he is open to Anderson's return in the future, but it won't be considered before at least another year of promoting Fly from Here.
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Re: YES and Jon Anderson

#246956 1 year, 7 months ago
Cool I'd love to hear how the incarnation is working out. I always loved Yes
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Re: YES and Jon Anderson

#246992 1 year, 7 months ago
Saw them during the Summer of 2011 when they had Benoit David singing for them. He did sound a lot like Jon Anderson. They were good, I believe the keyboardist was Rick Wakeman's son, who happens to be good musician, but he's not as good as his Dad! Always great to see Howe and Squire. I think Alan White was the drummer.

Opening act was Peter Frampton which was a bit weird for the whole 70's flashback experience, but Frampton was really good too, did all the classic "Comes Alive" stuff....
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Re: YES and Jon Anderson

#247072 1 year, 7 months ago
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Re: YES and Jon Anderson

#247306 1 year, 7 months ago
Well, quite a show that was. I had mixed feelings about it going in, as this was the first time I have seen them without Jon Anderson or Rick Wakeman. Definitely a different vibe than a Furthur show, with all the prog-rock geeks and freaks out and about. I think there were maybe 40 women in the whole place, of which probably only 10 were there for the show.

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed myself, aided by the great VIP balcony level tickets that my friend scored for us, and the boomers added an additional layer to the sonic environment. Both of these were of great benefit, given that I knew this would be a rather personal, sit down affair. The house was about 75% full.

They played 3 albums in their entirety; Close to the Edge, The Yes Album, and Going for the One, in that order with a 20 minute break between the 2nd and 3rd album. The only other song they played was Roundabout as an encore.

Maybe it was my seat, as I've been to this venue many times before (The Midland Theater), but I thought the sound was dismal at the start, over driven with acoustics more akin to a gymnasium than a theater. Either I adjusted to it or they got it dialed in, as it seemed to improve as the show progressed thru the evening.

I've loved Yes music since my youth. The complexities and experimentation of their songs and structure drew me in, more thru critical home album listening than live performances. This makes for quite an adjustment seeing them live, especially after so many Furthur/PLF shows where the live shows outshine the studio recordings.

Jon Davison did an admirable job on vocals, capturing Jon Anderson's light, airy ways without getting too "flowery", he maintained a presence on stage without being corny or distracting. I have to say I was really pleased with the way his voice sounded and any reservation I had about him were quickly dismissed.

Chris Squire displayed his "rock god" staging, with a giant wall of speaker cabinets, and at one point breaking out a triple neck bass. I've always felt he thrived off of the image more than the music, which continues to be a turnoff for me, though he is still very capable of shaking you to the core with his headstrong playing. Turn it up to 11 is his mindset.

Alan White was as competent a drummer as ever, though I would have rather seen Bill Buford in this lineup.

Geoff Downes had an array of keyboards at his disposal, and kept his back to the audience most of the night. Not being partial to this period of Yes, I would have preferred Rick Wakeman, and couldn't help but to think of Geoff as a "fill in" player. No Hammond , no Mellotron.

Steve Howe was the member that made me have to see this show. His guitar abilities have not diminished with age. He really opened up and I saw a more active Steve than his staid posturing in the past, making his way to the center of the stage during solos on several occasions. The Clap was a highlight to be sure.

Overall I was glad to have attended the show, but it made evidently clear the differences between a show like this and any Furthur/Dead show. This had more showmanship and stage trappings than genuine exchange between musicians with the goal of creating a sonic stew. I also can't help but think these guys are doing it more for the money than for the sense of creating great music. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed every song played and had an absolutely great time, but I sure missed of all the things that make a Furthur show so special. One of the best examples of this was when they took their break, they had just finished The Yes Album, and they just slowly left the stage, with Jon Davison even waving to the crowd. Then a message was displayed on the video screen that said there would be a 20 minute intermission. I was like "what the" couldn't one of the band members say something to the crowd about the break, ala Bob? That left an impersonal, cold feeling in me.

Anyway, this may be a nonconventional review, but it's just my thoughts about the night.
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Re: YES and Jon Anderson

#248211 1 year, 6 months ago
I would love to see any incarnation of YES. And ^^ of course there is nothing like a dead/furthur show. I seem the Red Hot Chili Peppers in may, roger waters in July, it just wasn't the same. Great music but the atmosphere was totally different, way different vibe.
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